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In this Tutorial i'll teach you how to add a amazing floating facebook like box to your blog.

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Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

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Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

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Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

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Go to Blogger edit html and find these sentences.Now replace these sentences with your own descriptions.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to add a link to your web page easily

Hi my friends today i'm gonna teach you how to create a links in your HTML documents.OK let's start the lesson....

OK this is some thing like this when you add this code you can click on it and go to another web page or image etc..
when you move your mouse cursor over the link that you create on your page.the cursor will be turn into a little hand..
this kind of links are specified in HTML using the <a> tag,

this <a> tag can be use in two ways on the HTML documents...

firstly To create a bookmark inside a document, by using the name attribute,and
secondly To create a link to another document, by using the href attribute.

The HTML code for link is so simple and easy to remember.It's like this,

<a href="traget url">your text to the link</a>

The href attribute is specifies the destination of your link look at the example given below.

<a href="">click here to allneedforyou</a>

it will display like this click here to allneedforyou

if you click on that link you will redirect to allneedforyou home page.....that's easy guys make your experiment and search new thing like a pro be a pro this tutorial is for beginners...see you soon

Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to add a Facebook floating like Box to blog,amazing new facebook like box tutorial

Add facebook floating like box to your blogger blog easily 

hello my friends today i have another cool tutorial about blogger gadgets......this tutorial about floating facebook like box....(you can see that like box  on my blog right side )...ok i think it so cool and make your blog so professional ok let start the mission.

props you need-

*copy and paste skills :D
*your facebook page should need a facebook user name....if you dont have a user name go and add a user     name it will need for you. go to your blogger dashboard --> and goto design ---> add gadget ---> HTML/javascript (look at     the example images from new blogger interface)

then goto the layout

go to the add gadget

then copy the code given below.

02. paste that code to your HTML/javascript content box

03.Then replace allneedforyouever with your facebook user name....if your facebook page dosen't have a          user name goback to your facebook page and go Edit --->and add any user name you like

and click save you Done...look at your blog and enjoy....please comment.....

your final result

Cancers in Children

                                     Children Cancers 

Children do suffer from cancers but cancers are uncommon during childhood.In the developed countries where statistical data are more complete,cancers affect 120-160 per 1,000,000 children under the age of 15 years every year.approximately one in every 300-500 people will develop cancers before their 20th birthday.

Why do Children Get Cancers ?

     at least 95 per cent of children's cancers occurs spontaneously.Like adult cancers, it is not known why one person gets it and another dose not.some childhood cancers, however, maybe be due to infections passed from parent to child ( for example,infections from the Hepatitis B virus). Other causes range from genetics to radiation mishaps.

Are Cancers In Children Similar To Those in Adults ?

    No, Cancers in children are quite unique.Even for cancers of the same type, For example Non Hodgkin Lymphoma or Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - the biological features and the responses to treatment are very different between children and adults.In genaral, The cure rates outcomes of childhood cancers are highly than those of adult cancers.

How are Cancers in Children Treated ?

After the diagnosis is certified and the cancer has been classified and staged, the doctor will decide what is the best treatment of combination of treatment that the child would require, The treatment options include surgery,chemotherapy,radiotherapy, and other biologic agents such as antibodies and vaccines.

What are the Outcomes of Treatment ?

Most childhood cancers are curable, and children with cancers can lead a normal childhood.Many children return to school life after the treatment. On the whole,70-75 % of children diagnosed to date are expected to be long-term survivors and thus cured - provided they are treated by experienced medical teams with supportive facilities.

What are some Children's Cancers ?

There are quite a few,but the most common ones are;

* Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia [ALL]

   this is the commonest type of cancer seen in children. Almost  30%  of childhood cancers are ALL. The affected child may have fever, Bruises ,tiring easily,and enlargement of the glands in the neck.Most children with ALL need chemotherapy only;some many require radiation treatment to the brain. On the whole, 75-80% of children can be cured after treatment.

* Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma [NHL]

   This is a cancer of the Lymphatic glands,The affected child may have fever,tired easily,and enlargement of the glands in the neck or inside the chest. Some children may complain of difficulty in breathing of abdominal pain.on the whole,over 80% of children can be cured with chemotherapy.Only a small proportion of children will need surgery or radiation treatment.

* Brain Tumours

   brain Tumours are the commonest form of solid cancer in children,accounting for 15-20% of the cases. The brain tumours form when cells in the brain or nervous system start growing abnormally and clump to form a tumour,which then disrupts normal brain functions. symptoms include headache,vision problems,vomiting and weakness of one side of the body, unsteadiness in walking and epilepsy. For the most common brain cancer,the affected child will need surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.Cure rates are between 69-90% when the tumour has not spread.

* Germ cell tumours 

   This is a  cancer of the tested in boys and ovaries in girls,The cancer may occur inside the abdomen, chest, neck or coccyx (tailbone) near the anus. Some cases need surgery,while others can be treated with chemotherapy,Nearly 75-90 per cent of patients are cured.

* Osteosarcoma [or Osteogenic Saracoma ]

   this is a cancer of the bones and commonly present as a swelling in the thigh or leg bones. Treatment consists of surgery and chemotherapy.About 60-70% of children can survive long-term after treatment when the cancer has not spread.


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blood cancers and treatments

Blood cancers refer to a group of cancers where the cancerous cells derive from the bone marrow and the lymphatic system.These cancers include the Leukaemias & pre-leukaemias (now Known as Myelodysplastic syndrome),Myelomas (and other plasma cell cancers)and the Lymphomas.Within each category,these are many sub-types.Each sub-type may have different characteristics and of course,may have different response to treatment.Some are ultra-aggressive and while other may have a very high  chance of a cure.  

Signs and symptoms 

          While the various cancers are very different in the causes and prognosis,very often,the presenting symptoms can be very similar, Symptoms of anaemia are common as many of these blood cancers present with a low red blood cell count (anaemia) as a result of a damaged marrow These symptoms may include tiredness,poor stamina,breathlessness,giddiness and poor appetite.Most patients are pale and often,this pallor can be noticed by friends or family members.In addition to red cell problem,patients with blood cancers may have frequent infections.witch may lead to recurrent fevers of fevers that do not resolve.Sometimes,enlarged Lymph nodes may present as lumps felt or enlarged spleens may present  as a heaviness in the abdomen.Bleeding problems are common with Leukaemias and will manifest as easy bruisability,gum bleeding or nose bleeding.

Who are at Risk? 

         While there ae many possible causes for blood cancers,very often it is very different to able to positively one in a particular patient.HIV infection may be the only exception,It is well Known that many patients with HIV develop lymphomas in the course of their illness,This is due to the dysfunctional immune system that eventually lead to the creation of an malignant clone of lymphocytes.Other viruses such as Epstein barr virus had also been are well Known factors that may lead to leukaemia formation.


        diagnosis can easily be made with clinical examination  as the symptoms and signs are often quite clear.However,confirmation must still be made from blood tests,bone marrow examination,radiological scans and a lymph node biopsy.with advances in medicine,high-tech investigations such as chromosome analysis (cytogenetic analysis ), flow cytometry,gene mutations and Positron Emission Tomography (PET scan ) nad Helped to make improve immensely on prognosis analysis (the ability to predict response & outcome).

Treatment Methods

        Treatment is usually in the form of chemotherapy for most blood cancers and the cure rate had improve tremendously since the early days of chemotherapy in the 1960-1970s.with the introduction of immunotherapy such as monoclonal antibodies like anti-CD20,cure rates for lymphomas had made a  quantum leap forward.Targeted therapy had also made certain Leukaemias like Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia a lot of less dangerous.Long-term surviaval in  Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia is now easily achieved with using targeted therapy like Imatinib and Dasatinib,Stem cell Transplant is another treatment modality that had truly made a quantum improvement in the cure rate of many blood cancers,While traditionally used mainly in Leukaemias,Stem cell Transplant can be also be used in Lymphomas and Myelomas,leading to improved cure rates and long-term survival.
        all in all,the outlook for blood cancers for blood cancers is certainly a lot better in the last 10 years and with the development of newer high-tech investigation and better medication in the near future,the outlook may be even brighter...............

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

easiest way to add a facebook Comment box to blog (how to add a facebook comment box blooger)

Hello my friend today i gonna teach you how to add facebook comment box to your blogger blog....ok let's start now.......hold on facebook comment box is so important to increase your blog readers.....because lot of internet users are already  have a facebook account....that means you can get lot of facebook comment than the normal blog comments......ok now we can start our lesson.........

01. first step - you need to create a facebook application......( click here to create a facebook application)

02.second step - now click on the "+create a new app" button at the upper right side corner..
     (look at the example image given below)

03.third step - then you click on that "create a new app"button  a window will pop out like same on the              example image -03 (look at the image) now filling tha blanks with your blog details...and then click                "continue" button

04.fourth step now you can see a page with your application details.....(look at the example image 04) now          please note down your app ID given on the page......

05. fifth step - now go to your blogger dashboard ---> design---> edit HTML--->download your current           template---> put tick on the "Expand Widget Templates checkbox"........(look at the example image             for new blogger interface)

                                                            Follow this steps (step 01)
 step 02
step 03
step 04

step 05 press trl and F keys together (Ctrl + F ) on your computer key board then a some kind of search          bar  will pop out on your page then search    <html   and replace it with the code given below....

now search for <body>   and add the code given below after it......

ok now Replace YOUR_APP_ID with the Application ID you note in Step 04.....

07.ok then search for the </head>  then place the  code given below just above the </head> tag....

Now replace the following sentences on the Code given above
Replace allneedforyou with your blog name.
Replace YOUR_BLOG_LOGO_IMAGE_LINK with your blog logo image url.
Replace YOUR_APP_ID with your app id.
Replace with your Facebook page url.

08.Now search  any on of these tags given below.........





now add this code below after any of these tags given on the step 08....

ok thats it my friend see you soon with a new post......time to go enjoy you comment box post any matter about you comment box in our comment section.....

*if you dont want your old commnet box remove it from you layout
 Go to layout --> blog post edit  --> hide commet and save......

*If you find 3 occurrence of <data:post.body/> then add the above script after the first occurrence of it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

all about E-mail

     E-mail (modern technology)

   Electronic Mail, called E-mail was started in the late 1960's by the armed forces of the united states of America.the army or military officers were looking for a way that communication could be carried out in the event of large-scale nuclear war.They needed a system that would be very decentralized,reliable,and fast in case central institutions were destroyed.They came up with E-mail.
     in the early 1970's,E-mail was limited to the United states military,defense contractors and universities doing defense the 1970's it had begun to spread more broadly within university communities.By the 1980's, academics in a number of university disciplines were using e-mails for professional collaboration.The early 1990's saw an explosion of the of the use of e-mail and other computer networking tools for a wide range of professional,academic,and personal purposes.whereas a few thousand people were using e-mail in 1980,it was estimated that in 2000, more than 25 million people throughout the world were using it.
      E-mail is a way of sending message from one computer to one or more computers around the world.First,you  write down the E-mail address of the person you're sending the message to.then you compose the message,either by writing it directly in a special e-mail software program of by writing it first in a word-processing program,then transferring it into the e-mail software.You push a button to issue a simple command to send the message,The computer system you're connected to will break the message up into tiny pieces and send them electronically to the destination, usually over common telephone lines.The pieces might travel through different routes to various computers on the way.then,usually within two to three minutes,the pieces will all arrive at their destination,Where the receiving computer will re-assemble them into a message that can be read.The person receiving the message can then log into his or her computer account(e-mail account)at a convenient time and read the mail.
    today,in all over the world,many professional,especially those in urban areas,use's very useful and cheaper than making telephone calls.while overseas telephone calls are very expensive,e-mail message can be sent to the same people at a fraction of the cost.Of course,both parties must have access to computers and telephones.The main problem with E-mail is that it's so depending on telephone lines and electricity,that in developing's not totally reliable because you never Know when the telephone will be out of order ,or when there'll be a power cut.but as far as personal message are concerned,e-mail is quicker than and cheaper than other methods such as the telephone or 'snail mail'

Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to add a Facebook Like box to blogger

How to add a Social Plugins to the blogger

today i'm gonna teach you how to add a facebook like box to the your blog ok
in his post I am going to show you how to  add it to your own  blog.
(this dosen't need any HTML or Jave Knowledge)

Ok facebook like box is so important  because  If your blogger reader like your  posts on your blog or if they
likes your blog then they can click on this LIKE button given on that like box. and that will increase you facebook likes on you page. it's Simple the friends will see what your
reader likes. Then they will also look in to your site. This will surely
increase the number of visitors to your blog site.

OK let's start

it's need few easy steps..this is the first

1. Firstly you need to create a Facebook fan page. click here to create a facebook page

2.  then after you goto that link given on the top you will see a some categories (look at the example image)

                                                            click on the image to zoom

3. then follow that steps and complete your facebook page ( it's so easy guys )

4.  after complete those steps you will see page like this..then click on the edit button on the page
    (look at the example image)

5.  then click on the "Resources" button at the left

6.  then you click on the social plugings button on the page

7. Then click one the “LIKE BOX” look at the image example below

7. Then you came to this page this is the important part on this tutorial
    copy and paste your page URL to the space for “Facebook
    Page URL” . And customize other settings as your wish .

8. Then click on “Get code” button

9. Now copy "iframe" code. look at the example image given below

Final effort

10. Now go to your DASHBOARD and goto--> DESIGN and goto --> ADD A GADGET then goto -->         HTML/JAVA SCRIPT--> and paste your code into the content box

11. Paste the code you copied in (Iframe code) example given below

12. Then SAVE your new gadget......

That’s a easiest  way to get facebook like box to your look at your blog and enjoy it

this is the final out come you get  (Click on the images to Zoom)

OK my friend that's it we made it yeah....not me you made it if this post help to get your facebook like box to your blog please put your comment about your feeling...see you soon my friends..bye bye come again and visit us..........