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Monday, September 17, 2012

all about E-mail

     E-mail (modern technology)

   Electronic Mail, called E-mail was started in the late 1960's by the armed forces of the united states of America.the army or military officers were looking for a way that communication could be carried out in the event of large-scale nuclear war.They needed a system that would be very decentralized,reliable,and fast in case central institutions were destroyed.They came up with E-mail.
     in the early 1970's,E-mail was limited to the United states military,defense contractors and universities doing defense the 1970's it had begun to spread more broadly within university communities.By the 1980's, academics in a number of university disciplines were using e-mails for professional collaboration.The early 1990's saw an explosion of the of the use of e-mail and other computer networking tools for a wide range of professional,academic,and personal purposes.whereas a few thousand people were using e-mail in 1980,it was estimated that in 2000, more than 25 million people throughout the world were using it.
      E-mail is a way of sending message from one computer to one or more computers around the world.First,you  write down the E-mail address of the person you're sending the message to.then you compose the message,either by writing it directly in a special e-mail software program of by writing it first in a word-processing program,then transferring it into the e-mail software.You push a button to issue a simple command to send the message,The computer system you're connected to will break the message up into tiny pieces and send them electronically to the destination, usually over common telephone lines.The pieces might travel through different routes to various computers on the way.then,usually within two to three minutes,the pieces will all arrive at their destination,Where the receiving computer will re-assemble them into a message that can be read.The person receiving the message can then log into his or her computer account(e-mail account)at a convenient time and read the mail.
    today,in all over the world,many professional,especially those in urban areas,use's very useful and cheaper than making telephone calls.while overseas telephone calls are very expensive,e-mail message can be sent to the same people at a fraction of the cost.Of course,both parties must have access to computers and telephones.The main problem with E-mail is that it's so depending on telephone lines and electricity,that in developing's not totally reliable because you never Know when the telephone will be out of order ,or when there'll be a power cut.but as far as personal message are concerned,e-mail is quicker than and cheaper than other methods such as the telephone or 'snail mail'