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Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to add a Facebook floating like Box to blog,amazing new facebook like box tutorial

Add facebook floating like box to your blogger blog easily 

hello my friends today i have another cool tutorial about blogger gadgets......this tutorial about floating facebook like box....(you can see that like box  on my blog right side )...ok i think it so cool and make your blog so professional ok let start the mission.

props you need-

*copy and paste skills :D
*your facebook page should need a facebook user name....if you dont have a user name go and add a user     name it will need for you. go to your blogger dashboard --> and goto design ---> add gadget ---> HTML/javascript (look at     the example images from new blogger interface)

then goto the layout

go to the add gadget

then copy the code given below.

02. paste that code to your HTML/javascript content box

03.Then replace allneedforyouever with your facebook user name....if your facebook page dosen't have a          user name goback to your facebook page and go Edit --->and add any user name you like

and click save you Done...look at your blog and enjoy....please comment.....

your final result