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Saturday, September 15, 2012

How to add a Facebook Like box to blogger

How to add a Social Plugins to the blogger

today i'm gonna teach you how to add a facebook like box to the your blog ok
in his post I am going to show you how to  add it to your own  blog.
(this dosen't need any HTML or Jave Knowledge)

Ok facebook like box is so important  because  If your blogger reader like your  posts on your blog or if they
likes your blog then they can click on this LIKE button given on that like box. and that will increase you facebook likes on you page. it's Simple the friends will see what your
reader likes. Then they will also look in to your site. This will surely
increase the number of visitors to your blog site.

OK let's start

it's need few easy steps..this is the first

1. Firstly you need to create a Facebook fan page. click here to create a facebook page

2.  then after you goto that link given on the top you will see a some categories (look at the example image)

                                                            click on the image to zoom

3. then follow that steps and complete your facebook page ( it's so easy guys )

4.  after complete those steps you will see page like this..then click on the edit button on the page
    (look at the example image)

5.  then click on the "Resources" button at the left

6.  then you click on the social plugings button on the page

7. Then click one the “LIKE BOX” look at the image example below

7. Then you came to this page this is the important part on this tutorial
    copy and paste your page URL to the space for “Facebook
    Page URL” . And customize other settings as your wish .

8. Then click on “Get code” button

9. Now copy "iframe" code. look at the example image given below

Final effort

10. Now go to your DASHBOARD and goto--> DESIGN and goto --> ADD A GADGET then goto -->         HTML/JAVA SCRIPT--> and paste your code into the content box

11. Paste the code you copied in (Iframe code) example given below

12. Then SAVE your new gadget......

That’s a easiest  way to get facebook like box to your look at your blog and enjoy it

this is the final out come you get  (Click on the images to Zoom)

OK my friend that's it we made it yeah....not me you made it if this post help to get your facebook like box to your blog please put your comment about your feeling...see you soon my friends..bye bye come again and visit us..........